Digital & Technology

We act as strategic legal advisors to a range of clients, from high growth ventures to global corporations, which are embracing the technological disruption that is rapidly changing the world around us.

Supporting innovation

Combining local knowledge with industry expertise, we leverage PwC’s extensive global network to support our clients’ growth strategies in Southeast Asia and beyond.

We can support innovative clients on both inbound and outbound investment opportunities including cross-border venture capital, M&A, joint ventures and strategic alliances. We can also help our clients capture valuable commercial opportunities by managing the complex mix of regulatory, contractual and compliance risk that they face in some of the world’s most dynamic business environments.


2017 Technology Trends

The technology industry is at the center of a continuing wave of digital innovation, and leading the way is a set of five U.S.-based supercompetitors: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. Already dominant in their own fields, they are branching out into new businesses. But they face competition from the next tier of tech companies in the U.S. and China. Winning in the technology space is no longer simply a matter of filling a customer need with a new app. Companies need a clear strategic identity to stand out.

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